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Gardening Made Easy

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<p>If you are looking to start a garden and are struggling with it, join Nisha&#39;s course now. Within just a few hours you&#39;ll be ready to build your own bridge with nature!</p>



1. Introduction & What to Expect

2 attachments • 6.15 mins

Introduction & My Story


What to Expect in this Course


2. Essentials to Start Gardening

6 attachments • 9.76 mins

Understanding Your Space

Identifying & Measuring your Space

Direction of Sunlight

Defining Your Basic Needs

Time & Resources

Your Gardening Needs

3. Designing & Planning

4 attachments • 14.1 mins

Understanding our Soil

Composition of Soil

Bonus: Composting & Recycling our Waste for Gardening

Making the Potting Mix

4. Setting Up the Garden

5 attachments • 27.35 mins

Selecting the Plants

Plant Names & Properties 1

Plant Names & Properties 2

Plant Names & Properties 3

How to Choose Containers

5. Maintenance & Care

6 attachments • 37.41 mins

Importance of Maintenance

Understanding Maintenance Needs 1

Understanding Maintenance Needs 2

Transplantation & Repotting

Fertilizers & Nutrition

Light & Water

6. Tackling Gardening Challenges

3 attachments • 5.3 mins


Conclusion - Happy Gardening!

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