Aquaponics Home Gardening Course

All About Home Aquaponics Farming & Natural Gardening

Grow both plants & fish together!

Aquaponics is the scientific method of growing veggies by mimicking the nitrogen cycle between the fish, plants and the bacteria present in the natural ecosystem. 

The wastewater from your fish tank can help you grow your own vegetables. You can set up a balcony garden, a terrace garden, a window garden or a vertical garden. The aquaponics system can also be set up in your backyard. You can grow leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, methi, herbs and microgreens & earn revenue too! 

Language: English

Instructors: Moumita Mukherjee & Abhishek Dutta

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Now grow food at home without chemicals or

even soil!

Aquaponics is a breakthrough, natural way of growing more vegetables in less space, using less energy, spending very little time and saving more than 90% water than traditional farming.

What you get

4 Hours of on-demand video lessons

Live interactive session with instructor every month

24/7 Access to a community forum to learn from peers


Practical  Demonstration

Answers to Potential Doubts

Easy & Fun Activities

Who should apply?

☘ Any one wanting to explore aquaponics

☘ Gardening enthusiasts wanting to earn revenue

Course Curriculum

Expert's Profile

Moumita Mukherjee

 6+ years experience in aquaponics farming & gardening
 Co-founder of GreenAqua, a company dedicated to teaching people the methods of natural farming
 M.Sc Zoology and MBA in Marketing and IT

Expert's Profile


 10+ years experience in aquaculture
and 6 years of research experience on modern agri-tech methods
 International certification in Aquaponics from Australia
 Rank holder in Marine Biology from Annamalai University

Tell me more

"All About Home Aquaponics Farming & Gardening" is a course that is designed to help you get started on your aquaponics journey.

Aquaponics combines aquaculture and hydroponics cultivation, i.e. fish farming and soil-independent food production. The aquaponics method is basically the creation of a complete cycle of symbiotic relationships where the fish, plant and beneficial bacteria help each other and thrive well. Fish supplies nutrients to the plants and plants clean up the water that fish lives in, making a mutually beneficial environment for both. The only external input to the system is food for the fish. 

Aquaponics is a fun-filled farming technology continues to attract a lot of attention around the globe, especially in the context of urban farming.

In this course, you will come across a good mix of video lessons of both the theory part of Aquaponics and practical demonstrations of designing & building the aquaponics system. 

You will learn about the functioning of an aquaponics system and the secret to run an aquaponics system successfully. On one hand, you will gain a vast knowledge of history, water chemistry, fish and plant physiology, basic engineering and microbiology and on the other hand, you will understand the practical know-how, nitty-gritty of designing, building and running a home aquaponics garden/farm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have any prior qualifications or experience for this aquaponics course?

No prior experience is required. Gardening enthusiasts, health-conscious individuals and nature lovers are welcome to do this course. 

Will I be able to practice aquaponics farming at home after the course?

Definitely. Our course is designed for those who want to set up an aquaponics unit at home. All the materials mentioned in this course are readily available in local markets/shops/online etc. You can start building your aquaponics system as soon as you finish the course modules. If you have any doubts while designing/building your aquaponics system, you can attend a live interactive session, and the instructors will clarify your doubts.

Is the course easy to understand?

The instructor has recorded the course content in easy to understand, simple language. The instructor has also included several practical examples and demonstrations to make it easier to grasp the concepts.

I  already have an aquarium.  Will you help me to make an aquaponics system using it?

Yes, we have a demonstration of a home aquarium aquaponics system in the course.

Can I take the course at my own pace?

Yes, absolutely. Since the video lessons are recorded, you can watch them at your convenience.

I have a lot of empty space at my home. Will I be able to use it for additional earnings after doing this course?

Yes, in the course you will be taken through various earning options. This will allow you to earn income from aquaponics as a side hustle.

What People Say About this Course

Very professional and engaging way of teaching. GreenAqua aquaponics training by Abhishek and Moumita inspires me to do my bit for healthy living too. 
- Leena Dandekar, Mumbai

Got to understand the concept and process of growing vegetables well. 
-Rishi Agarwal & Anjali Singavi, Mumbai

The best part about aquaponics is convenience. Literally, I have to do nothing except feeding the fish. I am very happy to have this small aquaponics farm at my home.
-Laxman Singhania, Pune

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