Create Your Home Garden, Permaculture Style

Create Your Home Garden, Permaculture Style

Grow food at any scale! 

With no prior knowledge and no special equipment, you can grow your own healthy food anywhere, from windowsill to terrace & balcony to farm.
Through this course, learn to grow food the permaculture way, which is organic by nature & focused on biodiversity.

Language: English

Instructors: Laura Christie Khanna

₹449 including GST

Let's build your home garden!

Learning to grow food the permaculture way is economical, resource-efficient, biodiverse, and healthy.
In this course, understand how to make the perfect seedling mix, save seeds, grow abundant vegetables, and manage pests and weeds naturally.

What you get

11 video lessons providing in-depth knowledge about permaculture

Step-by-step guide  to creating a permaculture-based garden at home

Live interactive session with instructors every two months

24/7 Access to a community forum to learn from peers

Who should apply?

Anyone who wants to grow food at home

DIY enthusiasts

Course Curriculum

Know Your Facilitator

Laura Christie Khanna is the owner of The Odd Gumnut Permaculture Farm in Panchgani, India. Her knowledge of the food system and regenerative agriculture comes from 12 years of working in the field of food-from chef to activist to farmer.
Laura is a certified Permaculture teacher and avid teacher of all things regenerative lifestyle. She has taught thousands of folks the skills to live more connected & more lightly on this earth through in-person and online workshops. She is also the co-founder of Rise Up Kombucha, India's only zero-waste kombucha brand.

Tell me more

1. Learn how to create self-watering garden beds that will thrive on a sunny balcony or rooftop - even in a heat wave!

 2. Gain a general understanding of permaculture as a methodology and how and why permaculturists focus on native seeds and biodiversity!

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