Gardening Made Easy

Gardening Made Easy

If you are looking to start a garden and are struggling with it, join Nisha's course now. Within just a few hours you'll be ready to build your own bridge with nature!

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Language: English

Instructors: Nisha Bhimaiah

₹349 including GST


Start, raise and nourish your
home garden

Learn how to start, raise and maintain a basic decorative garden in an urban home by understanding the flora that is suitable. You will learn to successfully manage and maintain your garden using natural processes and practices.

What you get

1.5+ Hours of on-demand video lessons

Live interactive session with instructor every month

24/7 Access to a community forum to learn from peers

Who should apply?

🌿 New plant parents who want to understand the maintenance needs

🌿 Anyone who has a garden or few plants, and want to understand why they don't do well

🌿 Serial plant killers who want to understand how to take care of plants

🌿 Anyone who wants to have a garden, but just don't know where to start

🌿 Nature lovers who want to get started with gardening

Course Curriculum

Expert's Profile

Nisha Bhimaiah

 19+ years of robust experience working as a Training Consultant with corporates, schools and other enterprises
 Founder of Nirvana Garden Concepts and creates garden art, landscape designs, explores gardening for therapeutic uses. She trains people to set up functional gardens, stylized gardens, edible gardens and several other concepts in gardening.
 An avid environmentalist who innately makes natural and mindful choices that benefit the ecology and create lessor damages

Tell me more

Connecting to nature is to connect with ourselves. Gardening is one of the best hobbies to cultivate to connect to nature, and to ourselves. Gardening has several benefits, including mental wellness benefits. Our urban homes come with limitations of smaller spaces for Gardening. Raising a Matchbox Garden requires good strategies to make it not just functional, but an aesthetic space to enjoy the space within your homes. Good planning and knowledge of gardening and great strategies to get the most out of small spaces is a great skill to develop. This course helps to begin a garden, to raise a full-fledged garden and to maintain it.

This course aims at building a passion for home gardening, by understanding the nuances of raising a healthy, successful and soulful garden space. The course discusses practical elements of gardening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any prior experience to take the course?

No, you don't need any prior experience to take this course.

Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, you will get a certificate once you complete the course.

What if I have doubts during the course?

We conduct monthly live interactive sessions with the facilitator. You can clarify all your doubts during such sessions.

I have never taken care of a plant. Can I still take the course?

Yes, you can take the course. There are no pre-requisites for this course. 

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What People Say About this Course

Nisha's gardening course has brought in so much excitement and joy in my life. I feel empowered to plant seeds, prepare the soil and repot plants. I used to leave all these tasks to my gardener earlier but now I proudly look at the pots in my balcony as they have been my babies. It's a great joy to see plants blossom from seeds that you sowed yourself. And I feel the same as I walk through my house, examining my water plants and microgreens- all thanks to Nisha's course. I truly enjoy the vibe and energy in her classes as she shares her learnings and experiences in a very easy to understand manner- and it also gives me the chance to admire all the beautiful plants that adorn her balcony!

- Seemeen khan, New Delhi

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