Plants Vs. Pests: Home Gardening For Beginners

Plants Vs. Pests: Home Gardening For Beginners

In this 1 hour workshop, learn how to make your plants happy by keeping pests at bay.

Our facilitator is Dr Sakshi Bharadwaj, founder of Junglevase and an assistant professor of Agriculture. She has created a waste-to-wonder 'jungle' with more than 4000 plants, all in the limited space of her house.

Join her as she takes you on an informative ride around the plant kingdom.

Language: English

Instructors: Sakshi Bharadwaj

₹249 including GST

Know Your Facilitator

Dr Sakshi Bharadwaj is the creator of Junglevase, a sustainable urban gardening concept where waste is transformed into wealth for mother earth.
As an assistant professor of Agriculture, she is intensively working to address critical environmental issues like climatic change, carbon footprints, and the decrease in soil & plant fertility.

Her passion for plants and sustainability made her set up a mini forest using coconut shells, recycled cans and bottles in her house. She received a national record for building this forest in a small space. Her 'jungle' has 4000+ plants from 450 species, out of which 150 are rare and exotic breeds.

Through this workshop, she aims to raise awareness about plant health and provide solutions to pest attacks.

You will learn

↠Basics of gardening and plant propagation

↠Simple tricks to keep plants healthy

↠Why pests attack plants

↠Multiple techniques for effective pest control that are the least toxic to your home environment

↠How to keep the bad pests away and welcome the beneficial insects, all while protecting the environment

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