Urban Farm-Building a Food Forest in Your Backyard

Urban Farm-Building a Food Forest in Your Backyard

The secret sauce to growing organic food successfully is to unlock all elements that lie hidden in plain sight. Learn from a regenerative farmer with more than 5 years of practical experience.

Language: English

Instructors: Meenakshi Kishore

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What you get

☘ 3+ Hours of on-demand course content

Includes  37 lectures, 6 tutorials, 6 assignments and 3 tests

☘ Live interaction session with expert every month

☘ 24/7 access to a community forum to learn from peers

360-degree perspective of urban farming

Techniques to fast track your success & reduce your learning curve by almost 2-3 years

Practical demonstrations for better understanding of concepts

Meet your expert

Meenakshi Kishore

  5+ years of hands-on farming experience makes her a powerhouse of knowledge
  Founder of Advait Living Farms, a 35+ acre regenerative farm
 Working towards building a new perspective on how nutrient-rich & carbon-rich restored soil can be the key to boosting yields and securing farmer incomes in the face of climate change
 An avid speaker hoping to build a network of regenerative farmers across the globe.

Why this course

Meenakshi Kishore wants to empower future 'Food Custodians'

Our soils and lands are at great risk today. Two of the biggest challenges facing humanity are climate change and food security. In these uncertain times, we need climate aware and sustainable growers to provide safe food that has a minimal negative impact on environment. 

 This course is designed to help, beginners and serious growers, understand how it is all connected. It brings forth regenerative techniques that not only provide assured results to grow organic food, but can help restore soils, lands, underground water, air and even bio-diversity. Learners will develop a new outlook in the way they view agriculture and the ecosystems surrounding it. 

Learners of the course will not just be growers of crops but resorters of ecosystems. This approach requires a shift in thinking and learning to collaborate with all-natural elements that work for you instead of against you. Learners will skill themselves on sustainable designs for growing food that promises long-lasting food security. 

Climate enthusiasts can also take this course. It will help them learn the interconnectedness of sustainable farming & positive climate change.

Post the course, learners can work with regenerative farmers and NGO's to spread awareness among marginal farmers. Donor organizations, Social Organizations & Environmentalists can take this course to get a deeper understanding of how farmers can be the next climate warriors. 


Who is this course for? 

Beginners as well as serious growers
☘ Gardening & farming enthusiasts who want to design backyard gardens, vegetable gardens, food forests and even large farms
☘ Anyone who wants to generate income via urban farming
☘ Anyone who wants to learn sustainable food design to grow organic food

More details 

In this course, you will learn the basics of Sustainable Food Design and get a 360 degree perspective on all aspects necessary to start growing organic food. The facilitator will share easy and simple dissemination of proven techniques by a practitioner.

You will acquire ample knowledge, techniques and hacks to grow your own food, vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc. 

The facilitator will share the steps to set a budget for your food forest. Climate enthusiasts will learn how regenerative techniques are critical steps towards building climate positive solutions. The principles learnt during the course to any site, worldwide. You will also learn how to monetise your food forest.


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Course Curriculum

What people say about this course

"Taking this course was the best decision ever. I am a novice and was hesitant if the course would be too much for a beginner. I had idle land and was keen to start growing my own food. But the course was pretty easy to understand and delivered just at the right pace. I got an in-depth understanding of the basics to start my journey. I have always been very health conscious and growing my own food has given me a sense of security. I know what I am eating and how important it is to transition from chemically sprayed produce."

Kritika Kishore, New Delhi

"I have transitioned to a zero waste living for the last two years. I love gerdening but I met with little success in growing organic herbs & vegetables. I used all available organic inputs and researched on the internet, yet my plants weren't flourishing. All thanks to this course I understood that there are easy techniques and principles to follow. Growing my own food has given me peace of mind. There is nothing more joyful than seeing your handiwork turn into a 'real' fruit :)."

Sonika Bhasin, Mumbai

"After completing this course, I realised that growing our own food in a sustainable manner is really important for our health and the environment as a whole. This has given me a new perspective on life. I genuinely feel more connected to the environment when I eat the food I have grown myself. It gives me a sense of fulfilment and joy."

Iba Siddique, Agra

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take this course?

This course is suitable for both beginners as well as serious growers. You can apply the design principles to your garden, community spaces, farms or to the larger environment.

Is this course practical or theory?

The course will cover the fundamentals behind growing a food forest. It is power-packed with demos and tutorials which will show practical hacks on achieving certain outcomes.

What is the duration of this course?

The course content is 3 hours+ of pre-recorded content with 37 lectures, 6 tutorials, 6 assignments, 3 Tests and additional resources that provide more practical material to assist you! However, you can watch it at your own pace. In order to be actually benefitted, it is advised to be dedicated to the course and complete all assignments post each module.

What are the pre-requisites for this course?

There are no pre-requisites for the course. You can be a beginner or a serious grower.

Do I need to have an agricultural degree for this course?

No, you don't require an agricultural degree in order to take up this course.

Is it necessary to own land in order to make the best out of this course?

There are no mandatory requirements. However, access to a small piece of land that could either be a backyard, a front lawn, garden, terrace, farm, community space or open space would be highly beneficial for the course participants.

Besides land, what other kind of infrastructure or equipment do I require before the course begins?

Simple gardening tools are enough to get you started. These could include - trowel, spade, gloves and pruners.

I have never grown food before, is this course for me?

Yes, this course is beginner-friendly and it is suitable for all ages and experience levels.

I have just started gardening and I enjoy growing herbs in my vegetable garden, is this course beneficial for me?

Yes, this course is suitable for gardeners, vegetable growers and organic producers. The course content will assist you in upskilling your existing skills.

I don't have a backyard but I have a traditional farm, will this course help me to change to organic farming?

Yes, the course will take you through the details of converting a conventional farm into a regenerative farm/ sustainable organic farm.

I am growing food for the last 2-3 years, will this course benefit me?

Of course, this course will be useful for you even if you have been growing food already. It consists of various techniques and principles which will add to your experience and help you grow food organically. Besides, you also get access to the practitioner in "Live Sessions" to discuss any challenges that you may be facing in growing your food.

I want to start an organic farm, will this course help me set it up?

Yes, the course is a step by step guide on the most successful strategies to help you design and operate a sustainable organic farm.

How much land do I need to create a food forest?

A food forest can be created in a really small space to a large area. The knowledge shared in this course is applicable to all land sizes. But it is advised to have atleast 200 sq feet area for a meaningful creation of a food forest. Nevertheless, you can attend this course irrespective of the land size you own or have access to.

Does this course cover permaculture principles of growing food?

The course covers in detail regenerative principles for growing food, which is very similar to permaculture design principles. You will have adequate information to practice permaculture on your land, through this course. However, this is not a certified permaculture course.

I have already taken a permaculture course, will this be different?

This course is designed to help you grow a sustainable food forest. If you have already taken a permaculture course, this course will supplement that knowledge and provide a practitioner's perspective & expertise in addition to your existing understanding.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you will get a certificate after completion of the course.


Unlock a holistic approach to growing organic food that leads to real success and quicker results. A robust program designed to equip students with in-depth knowledge about the key solutions available through regenerative techniques that are long-lasting.

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