/Urban Farm-Building a Food Forest in Your Backyard
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Urban Farm-Building a Food Forest in Your Backyard

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<p>The secret sauce to growing organic food successfully is&nbsp;to unlock&nbsp;all elements that lie hidden in plain sight. Learn from a regenerative farmer with more than 5 years of practical experience.</p>


Level 1 - Beginner


1 attachment • 3.14 mins

Key Takeaways From Level 1

Basics of a Food Forest

5 attachments • 10.25 mins

Gardening Vs Food Forest

What is a Food Forest

Why Grow A Food Forest?

Container Gardening Vs Direct Plantation

Assignment 1

Principles of a Food Forest

2 attachments • 7.03 mins

Principles of a Food Forest

Assignment 2

Design Your Food Forest

7 attachments • 32.77 mins

Setting Objectives

Identify Space

Understanding Your Ecosystem

How to Budget

Visualise Your Food Forest


Tour of Our Backyard

Assignment 3

Summary of Level 1

1 attachment • 1.3 mins

Closing Notes

Level 2 - Advanced


1 attachment • 2.21 mins

Key Takeaways from Level 2

Soil Health

5 attachments • 19.31 mins

What is Soil

Top Soil, Mulch, Manure & Compost

Five Strategies to Build Healthy Soil

How to Make Raised Vegetable Beds

Assignment 4

Grow Your Food Forest

7 attachments • 24.24 mins

L2M2 A What to grow

Perinnials Vs Seasonals

Space Utilization

Not Everything is Green

Where to Purchase Saplings From

Assignment 5

Sowing Calendar

1 page

Water Management

6 attachments • 18.39 mins

Anti-gravity Movement of Water

How to Check if Plants Need Water?

Two Irrigation Technologies to Try

Three Strategies to Build Water Retention

How To Build Self-Watering Olla

Water Management

Natural Fertilizers

5 attachments • 19.62 mins

Debunking NPK

Synthetic Vs Organic Fertilizers

Eight Ways to Add Wholesome Nutrients to Your Soil

All-purpose Jeevamrut Preparation

Natural Fertilizers

Integrated Pest Management

7 attachments • 32.81 mins

Understanding Pests

Preventive Pest Management

Fifteen Plants to Have in Your Forest

Ten Beneficial Animals to Have in Your Food Forest

Curative Pest Management

DEMO Biopesticide Dashparni Ark Preparation

Integrated Pest Management

Seed Saving

5 attachments • 11.96 mins

FC5 Lawsuit

Know Your Seeds

Save Your Own Seeds

DEMO How to Save Tomato Seeds

Assignment 6

Monetizing a Food Forest

1 attachment • 8.76 mins

How Can I Monetize My Food Forest

Summary of Level 2

1 attachment • 1.86 mins

Celebrate Your Achievement & Thank You

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