Introduction to Permaculture

Introduction to Permaculture

Let's build a sustainable future for ourselves by transforming our concrete jungles into tiny, natural farms and our rural landscapes into lush green food forests!

Permaculture is not just a method of farming; it is a way of thinking and being that will help us transform our cities and farmlands into sustainable eco-systems fully capable of being autonomous like an independent forest without human intervention! Want to learn how you can design or create systems like this? This course is your window to the world of permaculture knowledge!

Language: English

Instructors: Azlan Mohammed Shakib

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What you get

☘ 3 Hours of on-demand course content

☘ Live interaction session with expert every month

☘ 24/7 access to a community forum to learn from peers

Meet your expert

Azlan Mohammed Shakib

 A Farmer, Product Designer, and Engineer
  10+ years' experience in Permaculture design, Aquaponics systems design, ecological restoration, and sustainable land use
  Aspires to transform the planet by converting our concrete jungles and rural landscapes into ecologically sound, socially just ecosystems

Who is this course for? 

Sustainability enthusiasts who want to understand the concept of permaculture
☘ Anyone who wants to start their permaculture farm or garden
Anyone who wants to generate income via permaculture

More details 

The 'Introduction to Permaculture' course has been designed for anyone interested in a sustainable lifestyle. This course will help you to understand and define Permaculture and dive deep into the Ethics of Permaculture and the Principles of Permaculture Design. As a bonus, you will also explore some of the most exciting design tools & strategies that will help to re-design your garden or farm into productive forests!


Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a PDC (Permaculture Desing Course)?

No, this course is an introduction to the world of permaculture. It is jam-packed with information to influence your farming methods and help you start a permaculture garden.

Can this course be taken by someone who has no experience in gardening/farming?

This course covers all the essential information required to understand permaculture and does not need any pre-requisite knowledge or experience to understand.

I'm a Permaculture student with a PDC, will this course still benefit me?

The ethics and principles of permaculture are the building blocks of sustainable design thinking. This course will help PDC students revisit the basics of permaculture design from a new perspective and promote a deeper understanding of the subject.

Is Permaculture a new type of Farming?

Permaculture is a way of thinking. Derived from "Permanent-Agriculture," it is a set of design principles and ethics that help us look at all the various methods of farming available to us and define them as permaculture practise or otherwise. 

I live in the city & I do not own a farm, can this course still benefit me?

Have you always wanted to lead a sustainable life? Do you surround yourself with plants and animals? Want to do something more but don't know how? This course is your window to understand the unique and colourful world of permaculture and apply its ethics and principles to your Life!

Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, you will get a certificate once you complete the course.


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What people say about this course

"The permaculture course is well designed and easy to comprehend, not to mention it is taught very well. I had fun learning and the instructor was very supportive and always available to help me out."
- Roshan Rangaswamy, Darjeeling

"One cannot simply master permaculture in a lifetime, let alone a month, and therefore Azlan made sure I understood the very basic fundamentals of leading a life in the permaculture ways, not only in theory but practically as well. With Azlan, there wasn’t a single moment when you don’t learn something new, and the best part is that he so passionately talks about his subjects and is so open to learning and growing his knowledge base along with you."
- Aavpreet Kaur, Dehradun

" I think the things I enjoyed the most while studying with Azlan were: a simple to understand the structured course, with a fun way of learning. He even gave me a great opportunity at his farm to learn permaculture by doing it practically instead of only theory. Now I have a lot of confidence to buy land and do permaculture myself."
- Anand Nagarajan, Pune

"This experience was amazing. Azlan has tremendous knowledge. He really knows how to transmit and share information so everyone can understand and have fun while learning. I was afraid the time difference could be a problem in order to follow up, but Azlan was always ready to stand up and answer all my questions. Truly recommended. Can't wait to get to learn more from him!"
- Chloé Estandía, Spain

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