Social Startups

Learn how to build a social startup & change the world. As an organization focusing on bringing lasting positive social change in the society, through this program VentureVillage aims to equip and educate the next generation of social entrepreneurs. This is an unique and groundbreaking course focusing on Social Entrepreneurship. 

Language: English

Instructors: Unnikrishnan S Kurup, VentureVillage

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Let's build your own social enterprise

The social start-ups course is designed to handhold you through the process of establishing a social enterprise. This course is based on experiences of social entrepreneurs and will help you avoid potential difficulties that you face while setting up a startup. If you are an aspiring social entrepreneur, this course will be the best launchpad that you can wish for!

What you get

4.5 Hours of on-demand video lessons

Minimum of 50 hours of time commitment over 4 to 6 weeks

10+ Assignments that help transform your product idea into an MVP

Live interactive session with instructor every month

24/7 Access to a community forum to learn from peers


Automated Business Plan Wizard

Business Model Canvas Builder

Problem Statement Validator

Who should apply?

⚡ First-time entrepreneurs who want to start a social enterprise

Existing social entrepreneurs looking to scale their business

⚡ Any one wanting to make a career shift into the social impact space

Course Curriculum

Expert's Profile

Unnikrishnan S Kurup

 15+ years’ experience as an engineer and an entrepreneur
 Founder of 3 startup companies in different domains
 Masters in Education Entrepreneurship from Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Tell me more

"Build Your Own Social Start-up" is a course that is designed to support you through the various stages of your startup journey. 

This course will help you from the ideation stage to the development of your minimum viable product and finally to the setting up and scaling of your company.

In this course, you will come across a good mix of video lessons as well as activities and assignments that participants have to complete before proceeding to the next section. These activities include listing out potential problems you could work on using a problem statement canvas, creating an avatar of your ideal client, creating a questionnaire for your target audience etc. Most importantly, this course will help you write a fully developed business plan using the automated business plan development wizard.

You will find that this course covers many potential doubts that you could have like the compliance measures you need to follow while setting up your company, the options that you have for financing your startup and even factors you need to consider while putting together your team.

All things considered, this course will be the most comprehensive and structured experience that you can depend on as you look to create positive social change in society.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise or social business is defined as a business that has specific social objectives and goals that serve its primary purpose. Social enterprises seek to maximize benefits to society and the environment while making profit.

What is the difference between a social enterprise and NGO/Not-for-profit Organizations?

NGOs and Non-for-profits acquire money through fundraising efforts whereas social enterprises operate like a for-profit business by selling a product or service to the public and acquiring funds through sales. Also, Non-profits operate with an almost absolute social ROI, putting almost all revenue towards its mission statement. Social enterprises have traditionally operated on a blended ROI, which is a mix of social and financial ROI.

What Financing options are available for Social Enterprises?

As social enterprises focus on creating positive social impact in the community, there are many governments as well as impact oriented funds available to explore. On top of these if your social enterprise provides any of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, there are many UN affiliated funding options as well.

Are social enterprises operating only in health and social care domains?

Social enterprises operate in many sections of the economy. There are social enterprises in banking and finance, media, creative industries, business services, agriculture, tourism, fashion, education, entertainment, energy, heritage, housing, sports and more. Pretty much any business could be a social enterprise.

Are social enterprises scalable?

Social startups are not always small businesses. There are many, many examples of large social enterprise businesses. Examples include large healthcare providers, micro financing banks, big leisure trusts and universities. These are many large businesses with thousands of employees that have chosen social enterprise as their business model.

What differentiates Social Enterprises from other businesses?

Every country regardless of its relative wealth, especially a developing country like India, has challenges that need to be solved on a social or environmental level. There are global social ventures that tackle some of the world's biggest challenges, however, most of them started with a local community in mind.

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What People Say About this Course

The Social Startups course by VentureVillage follows a structured step by step approach towards social entrepreneurship. Right from the planning process, all the different stages of the entrepreneurial journey are covered in this self-paced programme. The business planner tool is one of the main features of the program. The program asks all the right questions through all the stages of the entrepreneurial journey thereby helping in ensuring that budding entrepreneurs can exercise due diligence and achieve their social goal with less chances of failures. This program has been an eye-opener for me and has clearly pinpointed all the areas where I have shortcomings and where I need to focus to ensure that I achieve my goal.

- Ashwin Menon (Cohort 1)

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